Adult Classes


All our classes are small giving us plenty of time to spend with each dog and owner individually.  We understand that dogs learn best when they are looked at as individuals and their breed characteristics are taken into account.  We recognise  owners’ needs too, taking time to discover how best you learn and work with you to get the best out of both you and your dog.   Learning is best achieved when we are enjoying ourselves, hence we use fun and rewarding methods for both you and your dog.

New Course Dates for 2016 – Now Booking – Visit Course Dates page for details.

Beginners (Bronze) Course

An eight week course designed for all dogs, whether this is the next step from Puppy Classes or the first stage of basic heelbronzetraining for a young, adolescent, old or rescued dog.  This course will give you a great foundation from which you can grow and develop your training and bond with your dog.

During this course dogs will learn how to sit, lie down, stand, stay, heel, recall, show good manners around other dogs, ignore distractions and ‘watch you’ for direction.

Eight Week Course –  £96.00

Intermediate (Silver) Course

eclipsesit2This eight week course is open to anyone who has completed the Beginners (Bronze) Course.  This course expands on  the obedience work previously learned and adds new exciting elements such as, ignoring food on the floor,walking in the ‘real’ world, car etiquette, retrieving and relinguishing articles or toys.

We really enjoy teaching this course, it’s hard work, but fun and full of new challenges.

Eight Week Course –  £96.00

Advanced (Gold) Course

A twelve week course open to anyone who has completed the Intermediate (Silver) Course.  As well as improving upon all your previously gained skills, your dog will learn some amazing new skills, including walk to heel off lead, stay down whilst you leave the room, return to heel and ‘stop’ at a distance.

If you’ve enjoyed working your dog through your Bronze and Silver then this course is for you.  Dogs leaving this course with a ‘pass’ should be dogs that you are happy and confident to take anywhere.


Twelve Week Course – £140.00                                          Download a Booking form