Welcome to Riverside Dog Training

Riverside Dog esher01Training was founded in 2001 by Lucy Bonnett, the dream was a Dog Training Club where pet dog owners could come and learn how to train their dogs in a happy relaxed atmosphere.  Many owners are confused about their relationship with their dog, they get bogged down with terms such as dominance, pack and leadership. They don’t understand how to get the best from their dog by working with them and hence building a fantastic
bond, whilst at the same time developing a happy, stable, well-behaved, confident dog.  At Riverside that’s what we always aim for.




121 Sessions are available – In Person or Via Zoom

We take every precaution to keep our clients and ourselves safe

Small Classes – Max 8 Clients

If you’d like a place on any of our Courses please Contact Us or visit our FB page


Lucy says “I’m proud of Riverside, we love what we do, we love dogs and enjoy working with dogs, adults  and children.  I consider myself very fortunate to do a job I love, supported by a wonderful team.  Every class and dog is special, and I learn so much both from the owners and the dogs themselves.  Dogs are not robots, you can’t pop them on a conveyor belt and expect them all to come out perfect at the other end, it’s about working with each individual to get the very best from them.  I believe we’ve had a good training session when we’ve learned and laughed in equal measures.

You can meet some of Lucys’ dogs on our Meet our Dogs page, here you will also find some of our clients’ dogs, both from training and walking.

esher02Riverside offers a range of services:

All our methods are kind, reward based.  Class sizes are kept small in order that the instructors have plenty of time to help everyone.  Please visit the individual pages to find out more about each service.
If you have any questions then please feel free to Contact Us and we’ll be delighted to help you.