Workshops – Summer 2023

New for 2023 – Check out our brand new Workshops!

Discount available for booking multiple Workshops – see bottom of page…..

Impulse Control Workshop – 1st Sept 2023 – 6 – 7.30pm – FULLY BOOKED

  • What is Impulse Control
  • How does it affect our dogs behaviors’
  • Learn how to help your dog to manage frustration.
  • Learn simple exercises that teach dogs how to better control their impulses.
  • Learn how to build in distractions so dogs can control their impulses in all situations.

Recall Supercharge Workshop – 13th July 2023 – 6 – 7.30pmFULLY BOOKED

  • Learn how to teach a true reflex Recall.
  • What does Recall mean to you and does it mean the same to your dog? 
  • How to motivate your dog to want to Recall – every dog is different!
  • Foundation Exercises.
  • Effects of environment and distractions.
  • Supercharge that Recall with fun games

Are walks stressful? Is your Recall a bit hit & miss? Is your dog easily distracted on walks? Would you like to supercharge your recall?  

If Yes, then this is the Workshop for you, click below to book!

Recall Supercharge Workshop – Book Now

Loose Lead Workshop – 27th July 2023 – 6 – 7.30pm – FULLY BOOKED

  • The Basics – Loose Lead Walking.
  • What motivates your dog to pull?
  • Benefits of Loose Lead Walking – health and happiness!
  • Effects of environment and distractions.
  • Build on Success….
  • Supercharge that Loose Lead Walking with fun exercises 

Does your dog pull on the lead? Does your dog drag behind? Does your dog zig zag from one side to the other? Would you like to walk with a loose lead?

If Yes, then book our Loose Lead Workshop below!

Loose Lead Supercharge Workshop – Book Now

Scent Detection – Have A Go Workshop – 3rd August 2023 – 6 – 7.30pm – FULLY BOOKED

Does your dog love to sniff? Have you ever wondered why your dog sniffs such a lot? Would you like to learn how to direct that sniffing? Would you like some simple games you can play at home? If so then this is the workshop for you and your dog!

Scent work is enriching for your dog as well as providing an outlet for what is fundamentally part of dogs DNA. As an added bonus, 20 mins of scent work is equivalent to at least 1-2 hours exercise…

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners, or people who have done some basic scent work and loved it and want to do more! Click Below to book….

Scent Detection Have A Go Workshop – Book Now

Tricks & Games Workshop – 31st August 2023 – 6 – 7.30pm – FULLY BOOKED

This workshop is all about having fun with your dog, you will learn tricks such as play bow, spinning, weaving, touch, Boom, Chin Rest, jump through hoops, etc, etc.  The course is tailored to suit the dogs’ enrolled and there is no pressure for any dog to perform any particular trick.  There will also be opportunities to play games, we have some brilliant interactive toys that get your dog thinking.  Although this course is designed purely to have fun with your dog, you will quickly see how trick training can be used to help maintain general control and obedience.

Tricks & Games Workshop – Book Now

Each Work Shop is 1.5 hours –  £45.00*

* Pick ‘n Mix Offer Summer 2023

  • Book 2 Work Shops for £81**
  • Book 3 Work Shops for £118**
  • Book 4 Work Shops for £153**

** Work Shops must be booked and paid for at the same time to qualify for the Pick ‘n Mix Offer Summer 2023 – Complete a booking form for each work shop you’d like to join and add SO23 as well as your dogs name to your payment reference.

Places are allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis.