Scent Work Classes & Workshops

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We will be running UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Scent Detection Classes and Workshops…..

Most people know that Dogs love to sniff!  Duirng our classes and workshops you will learn how to get your dog to sniff out specific scents.  We start with a large amount of scent, as the dogs improve we reduce that scent, really getting those noses working!

Not only is this amazing and fun to teach, watch and learn, it also provides your dog’s with first class enrichment, allowing them to use their natural instrict to sniff in a way that owners can replicate at home.  15/20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to 1 hours walk – great for those wet days!  It’s also very calming for dogs, great for those busy or over aroused dogs.   So lets get those noses sniffing…..